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This is a Prophetic platform, bringing fresh direction from the Throne Room of God to individuals, communities, cities and nations. Allowing each person on planet earth the opportunity to hear God in a fresh, new and exciting manner speak to them through this platform, transforming their lives into dwelling places for the Holy Spirit and active citizens of the Kingdom of heaven, bearing much fruit in Christ Jesus.

 Our Mandate

Our mandate is to break down religious mindsets, destroy ungodly barriers, strongholds and unholy alliances. To bring each individual into a personal relationship with God, our Father, through the personal acceptance of the sacrifice of the Lord Jesus Christ at the cross of Calvary, and to turn our bodies into dwelling places of the Holy Spirit. To disciple the nations, until the Kingdom of God is established in every place on earth. My commitment is to be used by God, in His wisdom, to bring accurate prophetic direction to whomever, and where ever He desires.

The South African Team in Seoul, South Korea - October 2011

Phone: +27 (0)848484084

"Restoring God's original plan for the earth, Nation-by-Nation"

"Here I am Lord, send me..."

"Bringing His children, to within hearing distance from His Throne"

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