Each year, for the past 12 years, God used me to prophetically declare the direction of the following year accurately. This always happened on the last day of the year, during our last service for that year.  His instruction to me at the end of 2011, was to be silent however I was not permitted to host a prophetic meeting at all, nor to declare a prophetic word!
Today is the 5th day of January 2012, and although God showed me the exact prophetic flow for 2012, He has not yet released me to speak it out.

All I am allowed to reveal is the following:

The year 2012 is the year of ushering in the season of the manifestation of many seasons of prophetic utterances. It is not a year to release prophetic vision for future seasons, but the actual living out of numerous prophecies, released in previous seasons. The time to prophecy has now flowed into the moment to walk in it....

Grace to you all.