Our Mission

Our mandate is to break down religious mindsets, destroy ungodly barriers, strongholds and unholy alliances. To bring each individual into a personal relationship with God, our Father, through the personal acceptance of the sacrifice of the Lord Jesus Christ at the cross of Calvary, and to turn our bodies into dwelling places of the Holy Spirit. To disciple the nations, until the Kingdom of God is established in every place on earth. Our commitment is to be used by God, in His wisdom, to bring accurate prophetic direction to whomever, and where ever He desires.


A glimpse on our History:


Willie and Jacqueline both resigned from the secular market, during 1997 and 1998 respectively to avail themselves in a full time capacity, for the work of the Lord Jesus Christ. They started with a home fellowship during 1998, which grew into a fully functional local Assembly at the beginning of 2001.

They registered a Ministry with the South African Government, "Commissioned to Evangelize Ministries", and planted their local Assembly in Rynfield, Benoni, under the guidance and direction of the Holy Spirit. God told them to simply name it "A Place of Worship".   Due to both their passion and desire for the presence of God, the services are known for a very strong out pouring of the Holy Spirit and as Willie carries a strong prophetic anointing, open heavens are experienced throughout their gatherings.  Those in attendance are swept into a deep, spiritual encounter with the living God and lives are transformed during worship, which at times, last for hours.

When they planted the Church, the piece of land still belonged to the local Government, and a lease was granted with the option to purchase it for permanent use for God's Kingdom work.

In October 2001 they approached the local Government, with a strong financial investor, to purchase the land, and to build a 2500 seater auditorium on the premises.  Permission was granted to complete all the necessary requirements to secure the land, which they did. During a second meeting, some months later, Willie was told by a representative of the local Government that the land was no longer available, as it would be sold to an investor to erect an upmarket Golf Estate. This was in 2002, and at that stage, God told Willie to stand firm and not to be removed from this piece of land.  During the next year or so, a very heated battle unfolded, with the local Government completely denying any previous negotiations between themselves and the local Assembly.  Notice to vacate the premises was also served including an notice of eviction, by Court, and this is when Willie involved a Lawyer, and an Advocate to take on this injustice at Supreme Court level.  This battle has been raging for almost 10 years, with many people turning their backs, and withdrawing their support, including financial support, from Willie and Jacqueline du Toit. Visit our website about the City Benoni, to get an understanding why the battle over this piece of land is so fierce!

Through this battle, this Ministry, and specifically Willie, received tremendous and invaluable training in the realm of Spiritual warfare, and fighting against strongholds, powers, and forces over cities and nations.  His previous career spanned over almost 20 years in the armed forces and law enforcement agencies and  little did he know he would become a warrior for Christ in the literal sense of the word! A battle which earned him the front page spot in his local Newspaper, the Benoni City Times, on several occasions.

Willie du Toit, releasing a prophetic word over South Korea and the nations in Seoul, during the WEMI Conference in October 2010. Willie is part of an International Network, planting churches all over the world.

Want to Support us in the battle? 

Due to the battle we have been engaged in for almost 10 years over an instruction God gave us, we have lost so much support in all areas of our Ministry. If you feel prompted to support us in any way whatsoever, kindly contact us at: support

Something to ponder on... 

Deuteronomy 13:4  Worship the LORD your God, fear him, obey his commands, listen to what he says, serve him, and be loyal to him.

Acts 5:29  Peter and the other apostles answered, "We must obey God rather than people.

Acts 5:32  We are witnesses to these things, and so is the Holy Spirit, whom God has given to those who obey him."
Act 5:33  When the men on the council heard this, they became furious and wanted to execute the apostles.

Mat 7:21  "Not everyone who says to me, 'Lord, Lord!' will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only the person who does what my Father in heaven wants.
Mat 7:22  Many will say to me on that day, 'Lord, Lord, didn't we prophesy in your name? Didn't we force out demons and do many miracles by the power and authority of your name?'
Mat 7:23  Then I will tell them publicly, 'I've never known you. Get away from me, you evil people.'
Mat 7:24  "Therefore, everyone who hears what I say and obeys it will be like a wise person who built a house on rock.
Mat 7:25  Rain poured, and floods came. Winds blew and beat against that house. But it did not collapse, because its foundation was on rock

Mat 7:26  "Everyone who hears what I say but doesn't obey it will be like a foolish person who built a house on sand.
Mat 7:27  Rain poured, and floods came. Winds blew and struck that house. It collapsed, and the result was a total disaster."
Mat 7:28  When Jesus finished this speech, the crowds were amazed at his teachings.
Mat 7:29  Unlike their scribes, he taught them with authority. 

Answer the following honestly! 

  1. How well do you know God?
  2. Do you understand His plan for the earth and for humanity?
  3. Should God be number ONE in all we do, in all our decisions and in all our actions?

Now finally...

Do you think the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and now also our God, will make way for a Golf Course?

Do you think God will rather surrender a place where He is welcomed, honoured, worshipped, so that people can practise their sport during the times He was worshipped at that very same spot?

Just as another interesting fact, the exact place where this Ministry now stands, was previously used by satanists to worship their god, and even performed sacrifices to him and rituals to honour him, from there. When God led Willie to this spot, demons tried to convince him to take any other piece of land in Benoni, but to leave that specific piece to them!

Makes you think who these people really serve who makes these sort of decisions to remove places of Worship...

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