A Place of Worship, Benoni, South Africa - born from  a deep desire to honour Him...

Willie & Jacqueline du Toit are the founders & Senior Pastors at "a Place of Worship", in Benoni, South Africa.  The Church was planted at their home during 1998 and eventually led to the establishment of their local house in 2001.  They both have a passion for the presence of God, and as Jacqueline leads the worship, Willie joins in, and the Holy Spirit comes...

A Place of Worship is known for it's deep, passionate and intimate sessions of worship and accurate prophetic releases over the earth.

These songs are live recordings, recorded during local services, and therefore not done under perfect, studio conditions, but under the cloud of Glory, in the Throne Room.  As you listen, hear Him...

Due to limited space on the site, these are only extracts of the songs, as some of them are over 10 minutes of complete worship in His Presence.

You can order the complete Compilation from us at a cost of $10.00 (excluding shipping) and use it as background music in your prayer closet as so many has done since its release. 

The tracks on the cd:

Holy Ground -        length 10:43

Hear Him as He steps out into the midst of His people during this awesome recording

The Cry of the Bride - Length 9:41

This is a heart-rendering conversation in song between the Bride and her Groom, Jesus Christ.  She cries out in her agonizing love for Him, and He answers he r with so much love, compassion and gentleness..

Mary's Song - length 11:41

A mother singing over the crib of her little baby boy, telling all of the earth, that this is the beginning of the season of grace, of goodwill to all mankind, of new beginnings... 

A King is born, creation will be saved...

For more information on how to obtain this Compilation, kindly email us right now!

Cry Spirit website 3.mp3

Holy is the Lord.mp3

Mary's Song.mp3

My Son Jesus.mp3

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